Do not worry about your mortgage renewal when your consumer proposal will get a final refund.

The consumer’s proposal will not be a problem most of the time.

If you consider renewing your mortgage soon and apprehend it because of a consumer proposal, carefully read the lines below.

First, if your mortgage payments are made on time and without delay , excellent are your chances that your financial institution makes your life easier and renews your mortgage loan promptly and without hesitation . On the other hand, if your payments suffer frequent delays, a mortgage renewal would not be a good deal for you at the moment. Wait rather a little and set the delay as quickly as possible.

Secondly, you can be sure that you will not be in the optimal position of mortgage renewal to negotiate a competitive rate with your financial institution. The best recommendation remains to agree to the offer made in front of you , you will probably have great difficulty in haggling with various lenders. Other lending institutions will tend to judge you as someone at risk for a mortgage because there is no trust between you and them.



Mortgage Brokers experienced in the field of poor credit records can assist you if renewing your mortgage gives you a hard time with lending institutions.

These experts in mortgage renewal have a ton of contacts that will find solutions.

Whatever happens, be suspicious and flee mortgage lenders who exaggerate by asking for an interest rate that exceeds the understanding, but especially unachievable for your budget. The bad goal that these lenders will try to hide you would be to claim their guarantee immediately a delay in your payments to claim your residence.


The 3 techniques for your mortgage renewal to go well after a consumer proposal

 The 3 techniques for your mortgage renewal to go well after a consumer proposal

The consumer proposal can not really affect your mortgage renewal.

Make sure you :

  • You mistrust grabbing strained lenders shamelessly
  • Refraining from acquiring multiple credit cards at separate financial institutions
  • Keep you late on your payments

Everything will go well!


If you still have concerns, contact an expert

 If you still have concerns, contact an expert

Consumer proposal or not, if you still have concerns about mortgage renewal, you’re in the right place.

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