Having insurance is always a good idea to protect your achievements. Ensuring that you do not stand in the loss in the event of a fire in your home, a knock on your car or a bag misplaced on the trip, for example, are things are well worth it.

Therefore, insurance is an important investment. However, many people still have a certain anxiety about the price of insurance. Which is fair, since no one has a money tree. But it’s a bit more than that: how do you know if what you pay for your insurance is a good value for money?

An important step is always to make insurance quote on the largest number of insurers, to compare prices and coverages. But is there a rule to know if the insurance price is good? Let’s look at each case.

Cost-effective auto insurance


The most popular insurance in Brazil: around 19 million cars in Brazil some kind of protection. There are two main types of auto insurance coverage: Comprehensive coverage and coverage against theft and robbery.

Comprehensive coverage is one that everyone knows and likes: it protects against damage caused by theft and robbery, fire, collisions, etc. With it, you receive compensation in case of total and partial claims.

This insurance has some of the most complex calculations: insurers use more than 100 variables in the risk profile, ranging from age, experience and accident history of the driver to information on the area of ​​circulation, if the car spends the night on the street and if it moves to distant destinations, for example. Also going through, of course, information about the make and model of the vehicle. For you to have a price idea, we made a car insurance chart with defined profiles.

For you to know if you are paying a good price on your auto insurance, the idea is that the price of insurance does not exceed 5% of the value of the car. If your insurance is in this range, congratulations, you are very cost-effective.

Already in the safe mode against theft and robbery, the insurers work a little differently. These insurances generally do not consider the insured’s profile and work at set prices. With Rosamond Vincy Corretora, you can purchase Autofacil Insurance from $ 99.90 per month 12 times.

However, these insurances, as the name says, cover only theft and theft, in addition to fire. Some, like AutoFacility Insurance, also include third party coverage, so you do not get caught up in someone else’s car.

A third option would be secure tracker. With this mode, also with a price tag, you protect your car against theft and robbery, with full compensation in case of theft without the location of the car. Rosamond Vincy Corretora sells tracker plans with insurance starting at R $ 69.


Cost-benefit of residential insurance

Cost-benefit of residential insurance

This insurance is usually very cheap: protecting your home does not even come close to 1% of the value of the property.

This is because the calculation that insurers make is from the rebuilding price of your home, which is not the same as the sale value, which takes into consideration the size of the land, region and market conditions. A real estate of 1 million reais can cost only $ 100,000 to rebuild.

Even though it is very cheap, the price of home insurance can vary according to the coverages you choose. The basic cover is fire, lightning and explosions, but you can add others. For example, you can ask for coverage against the theft of your belongings and pay a little extra for it.

You can always consult the residential insurance coverage with Rosamond Vincy Corretora and do a simulation online. Generally, most residential insurances cost between $ 70 to $ 600 reais, with some cases falling outside this estimate.

Cost-effective motorcycle insurance


Motorcycle insurance is like car insurance and takes into account the insured’s profile, region of circulation and motorcycle characteristics. This can greatly affect the price of insurance, considering that motorcycle traffic accidents have tripled in the last 11 years .

Therefore, in some cases, especially for popular motorcycles, the price of insurance can reach more than 20% of the value of the bike, which leaves the value impracticable. In these cases, it is more interesting to invest in a motorcycle tracker, which has tabulated prices like the expensive tracker. Here are the different options for cheap motorcycle insurance.

What’s more interesting: high-end motorcycles do not suffer from this same problem. As it has a reduced fleet and less risk exposure than day-to-day bikes, these motorcycles usually have insurance in a very similar proportion to that of auto insurance, from 5% to 10% of its value .

Cost-effective travel insurance


This insurance is different from what we have seen so far, since it deals with your health and not a material good. So it has some important features to take into consideration.

For example, your price will always be closely linked to the place of travel and the cost of medical care at destination. Considering this, a safe trip to Argentina is usually cheaper than insurance for the United States.

In addition, the duration of the trip also counts a lot, of course. Insurance for one week of travel takes into account a window of very different risk than insurance for a year of travel.

With our partners in Real Travel Insurance, quotes can range from $ 13 for a one-week national trip to $ 1500 for one-year trips out of the country. Between these two values, explore the coverages and choose the best one for you.